Garbage is a playful tribute to B-movies. Pulp genre clichés and conventions are stretched to the extreme. Here Enrico wears a self-mocking smile: Garbage, as the title might suggest, is…rubbish! 


Garbage is the story of a hit man seeking redemption, trying to make a fresh start and a clear cut with his criminal life and his bloody past. Now that there is a woman in his life, he decides to change out of love.

Unfortunately, this also makes him an easy target for those who still want to exploit him for their dirty plans. Two psycho brothers and local mob bosses kidnap his woman and blackmail him to take on one last job. There’s nothing he can do but accept – This time though, it could be too much even for him.

He doesn’t simply have to murder someone, not just any man…but the King himself, a merciless and bloodthirsty man ruling over the whole city. It is a suicide mission.

He will accept the job aware that, even if he ever managed to make it, his loved one and him shall never be safe again.